Sunday, May 24, 2009

"Weekend" Getaway part 2

Day two began with us heading over to Zona Rosa - yet another outdoor shopping/dining district! They had some of my favorite stores like Forever 21, DSW, and dELiA*s. The weather was perfect for strolling around in the sun. I sadly didn't get as many pictures as the day before because I was plum worn out from all the activities from the day before...

I've got to give a little kudos to Ryan here - The guy was amazing! I shopped allllll day long. Looked at every single item in Forever 21 (and you know just how many items they have!) and tried on at least 30 shoes of a similar style at DSW, and the never complained once!! How amazing is that?? He gave great opinions and even helped me find some great pieces I'd missed. He's the best! What can I say :)

He was rewarded with an amazing lunch and drinks at Bravo Cucina Italiana! It was a great resturant and now I'm wishing they had one in Springfield. It's a nice mix of fine and casual dining and has amazing fresh-made food with great presentation.

We both got the Mezza Ravioli Insalata - which makes a great lunch because it's half an order of their cheese ravioli (housemade ricotta & parmesan ravioli striped with basil-pine nut pesto and cream tomato sauces over alfredo) and a side salad. And as a nice refresher from the simmery hot day, we both got mojitos :)

Later in the day we meandered on over to One Nineteen, which is the KC metro areas latest slice of shopping heaven. It has a very upscale boutique feel about it, which I loved. I pretty much died and went to heaven while in Crate & Barrel and West Elm... I prolly could have dropped 10k easily haha

They also had the cutest little frozen yogurt bar Mochi-yo. We of course couldn't resist and had to get some! Yummy stuff...

So that concludes our adventures of the week. We later headed home and enjoyed Sonic cranberry slushies and tatter tots for dinner midway on the trip home. Perfect end to a perfect trip!

Tomorrow I will finally post pics of my haul. Keep an eye out - there's some cute stuff!


Kym said...

awwww sounds like you guys had a blast! (especially with all that shopping and sunshine!) hehe! and yes kudos to him for being patient through it all!! :)

Brett Alexandra said...

you are a pesto lover aren't you?! I still need to try that pesto pizza you made. I am going to!! Great photos:) Looks like you had an amazing getaway!

Amy said...

*sigh* DSW! I has a jellus!

Dana Yoshimizu said...

Thanks for following hun <3 I'm following you too now :)

Angela said...

Kym - Yep! He's a keeper :)

Brett - Yeah, we're a pesto obsessed couple! I made that pizza again last night lol

Amy - Yeah, DSW rocks! We'll have to take a trip up there some time :)

Dana - OMG, thanks for the follow!! How sweet are you :)

brooke said...

wow that food looks yummy. i am a big fan!!

what a sweet guy to let you do all that shopping...even i don't have the patience required for forever...i get anxious and kudos to him!!!

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