Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I consider myself tagged by Holly's post :)

8 Things I Am Looking Forward To:
-Ryan's birthday May 9th!!
-Kansas City weekend shopping trip
-Arts Fest photography with Jarrod this weekend
-Getting a new lens this summer
-4th of July!
-Getting to hug Sarah in person on June 21st!!
-Finishing up remodeling

8 Things I Did Yesterday:
-Watched Heroes season finale
-Ate Ocean Zen leftovers (yummy!)
-Talked to Sarah!
-Played with Twiggy
-Got a headache from too doing too much code work...
-Ran errends
-Wished it wasn't a rainy day - because all my plans were set outdoors...
-Worked out

8 Things I Wish I Could do:
-Play guitar (going to work on that...)
-Speak fluent Spanish
-Get paid to travel...
-Think of 8 things I wish I could do...

8 Shows I Watch:
-House, MD
-Dinner Impossible
-American Idol
-Make Me A Supermodel

8 Favorite Fruits:
-Fresh Peaches in the summer
-Green Apples

8 Places I’d Like to Travel To:
-New York City

8 Places I’ve Lived:
-Sherman, TX
-Joplin, MO
-Duenweg, MO
-Cherryvale, KS
-Seymour, MO
-Nashville, MO
-Mckinney, TX
-Ozark, MO
I've lived lots of places, nowhere interesting though! lol

Anyone who sees this, consider yourself tagged! If you do it on your blog, leave a comment with a link :)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

My Baby

On July 4th 2007, I found something that caught my eye. A classified ad for a little girl Pomeranian that was described as "teddy bear like". See, my husband had been wanting a little girl Pom so bad... We'd looked at lots of ads, but no picture captured his heart, or mine. I remembered him saying "I want one that looks like a teddy bear!".

So I quickly emailed and asked if the little Pom was still available and if we could see some pictures. When I opened the next email, this is what I saw...

We were caught. Hook, line and sinker!! After a bit more emailing, it was decided that we would drive down the next day to see her in person. We both promised that if she wasn't "the one" we'd wait until we found our perfect match, even though it'd be a 2 hour drive to see her. (yeah right... like we'd be able to leave without her!)

After driving out to the middle of no where, I swear I've never seen a highway that small before... We finally met the owner and he presented me with this little angel! She promptly snuggled up to my chest and gave me a quick kiss on the chin. I was sold. And lemme tell you... If you think I was sold - Ryan was sold even harder!

On the car ride home we discussed names. We wanted something girly, something cute and unique. The chosen name was Twiggy, after the gorgeous mod model herself! Our little Twiggy quickly decided she was a Daddy's girl and whimpered like crazy when Ryan left the car to gas.

Once getting home Twiggy quickly settled into our lives and our hearts. I can't even imagine life without her now!

I have to many great memories of this little Angel.

Like the one and only time she destroyed a roll of toilet paper... (btw, the bathroom has since been remodeled! We'd just moved into a fixer-upper)

Her adoreable puppy stage.

Her awkward in between stage. This picture still makes me laugh like crazy!

All grown up and beautiful!

My favorite teddy bear!

Sunbathing on the back of the couch.

And most recently, her 2nd birthday!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

10 Things...

...I want!

1. Canon 50mm f/1.8 - Love the low aperture and the low price :)

2. Mango Madness Lip Balm - With the weather warming up, a good lip balm is essential. Why not get a yummy one like this? Six Gun Annie also has cherry, tropical and banana chocolate versions of this yummy trest. Check 'em out!

3. Lemon Lavender Soap - First of all, this soap sounds amazing! It's all natural and void of parabens and all that stuff. Second, it's Hello Kitty!! Need I say more?

4. Yellow Hair Barrettes - These are beautifully handmade and the yellow color is just cheery if you ask me! They'd look particularity pretty with dark hair. Miss Indie also has some adorable hats, scarves and all that jazz. Check her out!

5. Girl Genius: Volume 1 - If you haven't read Girl Genius, get started now! You'll get hooked and love the quirky characters and interesting plots twists. But a warning... It's addictive!

6. Guitar String Ring - How freakin' awesome are these?? Each ring is custom made and you color of the stopper and of course the ring size. Great for a unique gift or snatch one up for yourself!

7. Ruffle Knit Dress - This dress is so perfect for summer! I want it so badly... Also comes in navy and white, if you're not a yellow fangirl like I am.

8. Swallows Printed Plate - Urban Outfitters has so many of these! I want to buy them all and hang them on the wall in my dining room...

9. Cupcake Bandages - As UO says "What's better than a treat to turn that boo-boo into a woo-hoo?" And plus, the tin they come in is so adorable!

10. Lotus Flower Necklace - This one-of-a-kind necklace is simply stunning! I love the simplicity of the design and the combination of the pool blue beads with the pink of the lotus flower couldn't be better.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sunshine days are here again!

Today started off bright and early with our weekly chiropractor appointments. I have the good fortune of having my mom work at the office of Dr Arnold, who is top notch! He is really state of the art, and uses technology that will amaze you. I thought of taking pictures... But figured it might come off a little weird, so no pics of that event. But no worries - there are plenty of other pictures chronicling the day!

Since we had early appointments, and neither Ryan nor I are morning birds, we headed out to IHOP for breakfast. Let me just take a moment to say how much I love IHOP. Going out to IHOP always makes me feel like a princess, silly I know... But growing up, breakfast wasn't something we could afford to go out to eat for, nor were many meals for that matter. So whenever I go to IHOP for breakfast, I feel very spoiled - and I love it!

Now, I must recommend this amazing drink IHOP has for the summer called Splashberry. It's an amazing mixture of fresh OJ, Sprite and strawberries.

Doesn't it look yummy?!

My favorite thing to order at IHOP is their custom omelette . Those things are huge!! And they come with three fluffy and delish pancakes... So yummy!

My omelette loaded with broccoli, fresh tomatoes, green peppers and cheddar cheese.

After totally stuffing ourselves, due to the morning air, it was still a little cool out. So Ryan and I headed over to Best Buy, where Ryan played several acoustic guitars and found a beautiful Fender he's now lusting over. I of course was drooling over the Canon 5D, now that is a camera!!

Once afternoon hit, the weather was nice and toasty so we headed out to Sequiota Park. What a perfect day it was! We spent the rest of the afternoon walking around, soaking up the sun, and goofing off. Of course I had to get a bit of photography in!

It'd be a better pic if I wasn't so worried about dropping the camera... I have no upper body strength!

But I have abs of steel!!

And Ryan has big feet...

Geese that hissed at me... with a 50mm lens, you gotta get close!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Photography Outing

This week I finally got to meet up with my photographer friend Jarrod for a photography outing. Why the word "finally" you might ask, well I shall share the story with you. I first met Jarrod on Flickr, I saw him on the Springfield Missouri group and loved his work so I added him as a contact. We started talking, got along really well and have similar photography styles - this is where the idea for meeting up for a photography outing was born.

Sadly this idea was born in January, and thanks to wintry Missouri weather we didn't really want to spend hours outside. Not to mention that unless is snows, there aren't great shooting conditions in January. So Jarrod and I keep talking and he helps me learn a lot about photography technique. Skip to April, the weather is finally getting nice, so we set a date! What happens on that day you might ask? Well, we get tornadoes! Not prime picture taking weather... No sir.

So we plan again, the day comes and thankfully it's sunny, but a little chilly for my taste... Checking the forecast shows the next day will be a sunny 67 degrees, so after some texting, we change the date for the last time and jokingly decide that if this time doesn't pan out, then "the powers that be" are surely plotting against us meeting up for picture taking.

Thankfully the chosen day turns out to be everything promised. Sunny, warm and begging for pictures to be taken! We meet up at Jordan Valley Park, and after I embarrassingly prove to be the most unobservant person on the plant by not seeing Jarrod thirty feet to my left and proceed to call him to see if he's at the park yet... We met up and get to work!

We hit the jackpot by finding a band taking advantage of the beautiful day by holding their practice outside. They didn't mind us taking pictures of them and the lead singer/tambourine player's adorable daughter. Jarrod generously let me use his borrowed 70-300mm lens, and I greatly enjoyed having some range for a change! We got some amazing shots of the group and made sure to give them our Flickr URLs so they could see the pictures.

We then continued to explore the park and surrounding downtown area, so many great photo ops there! We took full advantage of us both having Canons, and swapped lens as needed. I loved getting to use his Sigma 18-50mm f/2.8 and of course the 70-300mm (I don't recall the stats on this one... Sorry folks). It was great because I was able to get some great wide angle shots of some amazing buildings, yet also get some tight close-ups and some long range shots. All in all it turned out to be a great day! It ended with both of us getting some amazing shots, and me having sore feet from all the walking lol

Hopefully this will become a regular event, because I had an absolutely amazing time. It was great to blab about photography to someone who could understand, and I feel like my composition and technique were much improved on this shoot.

There were far too many great pictures to post them all here - for the rest check out My Flickr and Jarrod's Flickr.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What it's all about

I'm creating this blog to share my exploits with anyone who cares to take a peak into my life. Here's a snippet of what you can expect to find in my future posts:

Photography I love photography and am pursuing it for a career. I will be chronicling my journey and all the joys and struggles I stumble into along the way. I have my first paid job coming up soon and am very excited! All the deets will be posted!

Baking/cooking I adore baking! I'm learning all sorts of new decorating techniques. I also love to cook and have a slew of vegetarian dishes to share. Expect yummy recipes and drool inducing pictures!

Fashion and beauty I fell in love with all things fashion and beauty at a very young age. My mom says that I got this from my oh so fabulous (and delightfully quirky!) Grandma! I can pretty much guarantee my fashion and beauty picks and random postings of things I love.

Random events/activities My husband and I are very active and love being out and about and taking mini trips!

Music I'm hoping to get a nifty new camcorder soon, so hopefully I'll be able to get some videos of me playing my bass and my husband playing guitar.

So that sums up what will be taking place here - I hope you join me in exploring life, following my dreams and trying new things!

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