Sunday, April 26, 2009

My Baby

On July 4th 2007, I found something that caught my eye. A classified ad for a little girl Pomeranian that was described as "teddy bear like". See, my husband had been wanting a little girl Pom so bad... We'd looked at lots of ads, but no picture captured his heart, or mine. I remembered him saying "I want one that looks like a teddy bear!".

So I quickly emailed and asked if the little Pom was still available and if we could see some pictures. When I opened the next email, this is what I saw...

We were caught. Hook, line and sinker!! After a bit more emailing, it was decided that we would drive down the next day to see her in person. We both promised that if she wasn't "the one" we'd wait until we found our perfect match, even though it'd be a 2 hour drive to see her. (yeah right... like we'd be able to leave without her!)

After driving out to the middle of no where, I swear I've never seen a highway that small before... We finally met the owner and he presented me with this little angel! She promptly snuggled up to my chest and gave me a quick kiss on the chin. I was sold. And lemme tell you... If you think I was sold - Ryan was sold even harder!

On the car ride home we discussed names. We wanted something girly, something cute and unique. The chosen name was Twiggy, after the gorgeous mod model herself! Our little Twiggy quickly decided she was a Daddy's girl and whimpered like crazy when Ryan left the car to gas.

Once getting home Twiggy quickly settled into our lives and our hearts. I can't even imagine life without her now!

I have to many great memories of this little Angel.

Like the one and only time she destroyed a roll of toilet paper... (btw, the bathroom has since been remodeled! We'd just moved into a fixer-upper)

Her adoreable puppy stage.

Her awkward in between stage. This picture still makes me laugh like crazy!

All grown up and beautiful!

My favorite teddy bear!

Sunbathing on the back of the couch.

And most recently, her 2nd birthday!!


Sare-bear said...

Aww, so precious!!! I love the pic of the shredded toilet paper, rofl, that's just adorable.

Brett Alexandra said...

Hi! I came across your blog through Glam house wife:) Love your blog!! I am in love with your dog too. SO cute. We just got a puppy 2 weeks ago and are so infatuated with him. I also am getting into photography! So we have tons in common.

Angela said...

Brett, I looked at your blog and I love it! Seems like we have loads in common :) Do you have a Flickr account? Drop me an email and we can chat more. I'm looking forward to getting to know you better!

Amy said...

Love it! Jack and Pinky say hi to their little cousin. :)

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