Friday, June 5, 2009

What I've Been Up To

First of all, big welcome and thank you to all my new followers! Wow! I feel honored :)

Now then, I know I've been a little absent lately. But it's with good reason, I promise you! I've just been too tired and sore to type. You see, we're in the middle of giving our house a facelift.

This facelift includes:
Refinishing ceilings
Painting galore
New light fixtures
Total new bathroom (countertops, floors, sink, faucet, everyyything)
Refinishing the deck
New deck furniture and all outdoor goodies
New front yard landscaping

Then of course there's lots of fun extras like:
Refinishing awesome vintage furniture
Buying new decor (yayy!)

Tomorrow we're taking a break from the really hard stuff and just putting up a few light fixtures and then shopping for home decor! I'm so excited!! I'll be sure to post pictures of all my goodies!

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