Sunday, May 3, 2009

My kind of Saturday

Today was a good day. Due to rainy, rainy, rainy weather we decided to take a cozy and laid back approach to Saturday night out.

No a-list dining tonight. I wanted my version of comfort food! Dinner at my favorite deli. Oh, and the big tv was set on HGTV! How awesome is that??

I got the veggie sandwich, vegetarian chili and the best pickles you will ever eat! Unless you're Ryan, who hates pickles, hence me having two haha Ryan got a delish Panini and mashed potatoes, and helped me finish off my chili. What would I do without him? Oh, and I got an amazing huge fresh baked white chocolate & macadamia nut cookie, but forgot to get a picture...

Then we headed out to Barnes & Noble. Where we snatched up all sorts of awesome books and curled up at coffee shop with them. Mmmm, talk about a great way to enjoy a stormy day! Due to his work, Ryan was drawn to all the marketing/business books - and due to being a guy, he was drawn to the latest Lee Child book lol

I collected a variety of photography books (of course!) and Confessions of a Shopaholic :) I bought Confessions of a Shopaholic, but decided to be content reading the photography books in the store for the time being. Saving all I can for our Kansas City trip :)

Out of all the photography books, this was one of my favorite. The photos were beautiful and I loved how they explained all the technique!

Oh yes, and Ryan's a pyromaniac... And I was proud of my nighttime lighting :)

All in all, a great Saturday :) What have you all been up to?


Brett Alexandra said...

Sounds like you had a great saturday! My husband and I go to B&N all the time when we go up to town! Sometimes we spend hours in there!

Oh, and pickles. I LOVE pickles. So I always eat his too:)

Great pics! The food looks sooo yummy!

gigi said...

oh! you'll love the shopaholic books! they're my most fav books. have you ever been to the art walk downtown? there's some pretty cool galleries down there that have a lot of awesome photography.

Angela said...

Brett - We have so much in common! How awesome is that? lol

Gigi - I already finished the first shopaholic book, and loved it so much! Now I'm wondering why they didn't follow it in the movie... I actually haven't been to art walk, but have always wanted to. Hopefully I'll be able to in June! I really want to go to Randy Bacon's gallery sometime. Love his work!

mrs. mari said...

i came by your blog from pioneer woman--your comment caught my attention becaue i too am trying to add a few pounds or as i like to say i am on a mission to "add some junk to my trunk". ackward to say that to too many.

we always enjoy a trip into town and visit to b&n which can last up to hours of enjoyment. i have just taken up photography as a hobby and love going through all the books there on it.

you have a wonderful blog.


fresh baked white chocolate & macadamia nut've just given me a craving!!

Amy said...

Your blog always makes me smile. :)

Anonymous said...

Aww! I love the Confessions of a Shopaholic book! The movie, not so much. But I loved the book :]

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