Friday, May 22, 2009

"Weekend" Getaway part 1

This week Ryan and I took a little "weekend" trip up to Kansas City for some shopping, eating out, and just having fun relaxing. I say "weekend" because this trip was in the middle of the week. All the shopping districts we were wanting to go to were outdoors, so we waited for the perfect weather. Wow, what a great decision that was! Nothing beats shopping til your hearts content on a beautiful summer day :)

We first headed over to Country Club Plaza, which is just amazing!

It was designed in 1922 and has beautiful Spanish architecture.

They have over 150 stores and dozens of restaurants. It's a great place for both window shopping, and actual shopping. Having a wide range of stores from Tiffany & Co. to American Eagle. They also had the most adorable specialty food shop, I was ready to buy the place out!

They also have oodles of fountains and fun statues like these penguins :) This is for you Sarah!

And of course since this was a trip for shopping... We picked up a few things :)

I was going to include pics of all my haul in this post, but my camera battery died! So you'll have to wait... But keep an eye out, cause I got some rad stuff!

We stayed at the most adorable hotel & spa ever. It's actually a historic hotel that has completed a total renovation into the chic and green Q Hotel + Spa. It might not be the biggest most luxurious hotel I've stayed at, but it as a million amenities and I felt right at home! Best part... Free made to order omelets!

For dinner we went to Uno Chicago Grill. We'd recently seen it on the Food Network, and wanted to see if it lived up to the hype. WOW, did it ever!!

We of course, had to order their deep dish pizza. After much debating, we ordered the Four Cheese - mozzarella, cheddar, romano and feta with basil pesto and plum tomatoes (my favorites all in one pizza!) I still dream about the flaky delish crust...

After dinner we headed back to the parking garage, when I had the brilliant idea to head up to the top story and get some night shots. I've never really done night photography, so I was excited to mess around a little.

I was extremely proud of this skyline style shot. I had to use a crazy long shutter speed (2 seconds!) - and I have no tripod, so that was me bracing against a thin rail atop a very very high parking garage!

And that pretty much concludes the first day of our trip :) Check back Monday for part 2!


Kym said...

wow, the architecture looks amazing... and you're right.. shopping on a sunny day... perfect! :)

Violet said...

I LOVE Forever 21. I hope you got some nice goodies! Great night shot, too!

Brett Alexandra said...

Wow. You had such an amazing weekend! I mean week (haha). That night shot is perfection!!

I want to go on a shopping spree so badly!

Amy said...

You got some beautiful pics on this trip! Glad you had such a fun "weekend". 8)

brooke said...

ummm...i have pretty much decided i want to move there...what is important to me in a city i live in? aesthetics!!!! i am happy when places are pretty to my eye!

gigi said...

the plaza is hubby and i's most fav place to shop (locally...well, you know what i mean, since we live in the same city)...we spend hours pouring over poterybarn, restoration hardware and williams sonoma...then lunch at cheesecake factory. YUM!

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