Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fun times with wonderful friends ♥

Saturday night we went to a going away party for some friends. It'll be sad to see these two go, but they're not moving that far away, so I think keeping in touch will be pretty easy.

The party was so much fun! We all started out at a local Mexican restaurant, where Ryan ordered this vegetarian burrito. Wow, was he shocked at the size!

(please excuse the quality, these are phone pictures)

After dinner we all headed out for some drinks, dancing and watching the Cardinals in a almost never-ending ballgame!

Seriously, if all weekends could be like this, life would be awesome! But then, I'd be very sleep deprived...


Kelly Leigh said...

how fun! That burrito picture is making my mouth water and you look super cute!

Angela said...

Thanks Kelly! I really need to stop posting so much Mexican food... I don't want you to get a craving you can't satisfy! lol

miss indie said...

aww looks like you had a great weekend! awesomeness! :]
can you believe that Cards game?! ohmygosh it wouldn't end! haha.

Brianna! said...

looks amazing in the bottom photo!
you're gorgeous
Hope this up coming weekend is just as lovely for you as this past one!

love LOVE

Angela said...

Mandy - I know! Talk about a nail biter!!

Brianna - Thank you!!! I take that as a huge compliment because I absolutely love your hair! lol

.....InStyle.... said...

nice blog.......lovely.....just across....but your outfits are fantastic....

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