Monday, March 29, 2010

A $10 mall trip

When you think of spending $10 at the mall, you think of buying some cheap sunnies. Or maybe a beater tank. Well, today I got so much more than that!

First stop was Victoria's Secret. I had one of those "Free Undie and $10 off" coupons I wasn't about to let go to waste! I picked out the undies and then the hunt was on for what I wanted to use the $10 off on. That's when I stumbled upon the new Victoria's Secret Pink Go Natural line. The products are all natural and smell amazing! I especially loved the sweetness of the Vanilla Shea and the crispness of the Citrus Mint :) Best part is, they're 3 for $12! So I was able to get a body wash and two body mists for only $2! Talk about a steal, right??

And for me, no trip to the mall is complete without stopping in Forever 21! Never know what treasures you'll unearth in there :) This trip I fell in love with this awesome graphic tank. I always complain about guys graphic t's having all the cool prints, so I was thrilled to find this one!

After trying it on, I was convinced I had to have it. So I took a glance at the price tag, and it was only $12.80!! How can you pass that up... Oh, and I had a bit left on a old birthday giftcard! So that brought my mall day total to only $10 :D Not too shabby, eh?


A "cheery" disposition said...

loving the guitar shirt

Angela said...

Thank you! And I am loving your blog :)

drummbellina said...

LOVE that top! Might have to try and recreate something like it for myself, it's great :) I wish there was a Forever 21 in the Uk, it sounds like a really cool shop :)

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