Sunday, August 30, 2009

Shopping and meeting a real life Mall Cop

Sarah and I constantly online shop together, and we had always dreamed of the day when we could actually browse a store and try things on together. And when that day finally came... The pocketbooks cried. But we rejoiced! So it was all worth it, right??

We live in a small town and I'll be the first to tell you our mall isn't the most impressive. But to Sarah, it was heaven!! After all, it has Forever 21 and Victoria's Secret! While she was here I think we went to Forever 21 4 times and to Victoria's Secret at least 3 times. I kid you not. Those stores loved us! It was shocking the amount we spent at VS alone...

The picture below is of just one of our many shopping trips. I wish we'd gotten a picture of all the bags we collected over the trip... The guest room was flooded with them!

While at our mall, Sarah discovered that there are indeed real life Mall Cops. She was so in awe that she asked for a picture. Here's the exchange that confused the Mall Cop that we lovingly named Nigel.

Sarah: Excuse me, I'm from Australia and we don't have Mall Cops with the little scooter thing there, would you mind terribly much if I took your picture?

Nigel: Umm.. *confused look* I guess not?

Sarah: *so excited* Thank you thank you! I can't wait to show all my friends back home. See we just saw the movie Mall Cop and we thought they were just made up!

Nigel: Wait. Now that you mention Mall Cop, you can't take the pic. That was a horrible movie!

Sarah: *super sad* Really??

Nigel: I guess you still can.

*Sarah takes the picture*

Nigel: *points to me and Ryan* So are you guys Australian too?

Us: No, we're from here.

Nigel: *confused* So how do you know each other?

Us: We met online.

Nigel: *more confused* like on myspace or something?

us: No, on Yahoo chat *smile*

Nigel: *even more confused* Okay... Uh... Have a nice visit. *rides off*

Yeah... we kinda have that effect on people...


Jennifer said...

That's awesome!!

Kym said...

heehee! its funny how simple things to us here in north america are so fascinating to others! except that i dont think i've ever seen mall cops here on the scooter things.. that's pretty awesome! i bet "nigel" was kinda happy he got a few minutes of fame. hehe!

(A)b0tz Orena Mallari said...

hahah oh wow! a real mall cop! I've never seen one before either!! where do live? I want to visit! hehe

Dana Yoshimizu said...

hahaha, I loved reading this~! There aren't mall cops at the shopping center near my house, but my BF has mall cops in his area

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